The goals for the website are:

  1. To understand the nutritional framework of how and why a Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF) lifestyle works.
  2.  To understand that the LCHF lifestyle cannot be applied as a formulaic, “one size fits all” approach. Eating patterns must be customized to each person’s own target needs for their own metabolic health. Everyone is slightly different, so the best and most sustainable approach is to find what foods you like, and what foods make you feel good, versus which ones do not agree with you. In short, educate yourself about at least the basics of nutrition and metabolism. Know why you are choosing the foods and what they will do for you! This self-education will empower you to make choices that are right for you.
  3. To understand that LCHF is a lifestyle, not a diet, and what this means for you. Since this is a long-term lifestyle, and not a short-term diet:
    1. It is sustainable long term
    2. It is based on nutritious whole food
    3. There are some foods that just can no longer be part of your list, but there are many more foods that you will now be able to enjoy
    4. Your cravings for foods that use grains and process sugars will change and one day you will not even desire them any more – because your carb and sugar addiction is over, but more importantly because you do have so many wonderful alternatives
  4. To provide individual LCHF (or “Keto”)  recipes with as accurate (as possible) macronutrient values and ratios for each recipe, so you can make informed decisions on what to eat and how much to eat. This requires dispelling the notion that you only have to count carbs to be successful in the long term. Some form of calorie restriction is also important, in order not to plateau, and for mitochondrial health.
  5. To teach and provide examples of:
    1. “A week-at-a-glance” menus
    2. “Prepare ahead” foods
    3. Stocking your pantry with essentials
    4. DIY ingredients – things you need for some recipes but where no commercial product is available/appropriate
    5. Learning to make “chef-quality” food that everyone can produce and will love
    6. Recipes for busy days
    7. Recipes for an amazing dinner/lunch/breakfast
    8. Recipes from around the world, to expand your taste experiences
    9. “Decadent” and simple desserts that are actually healthy
    10. Recipes for special occasions, and for “want to impress” occasions

These are not lofty goals. They are achievable if you commit to learning the basics of nutrition, metabolism, and food preparation. Everyone can cook amazing food, and you do not have to restrict yourself to just a few basic foods (meats, fats, vegetables, etc.). There is a world of opportunity; you just have to make the choice and then not be afraid to try and to learn new things.


Goals very personally important to me, and which I believe I share with most people, are:

  1. to have an experientially-rich life
  2. to have food that provides that “Foodie” experience
  3. to enjoy my passion for travel, and for learning about our amazing planet and the diversity that the cultures of others can teach me, and how I can learn from their cultures to enhance our Keto/LCHF lifestyle.
  4. to provide a respectful forum for dialogue, where we can all contribute so that we can help each other
  5. to provide keto meals that are also enjoyable to those people who are not on a grain-free, sugar-free diet — the “carbivores” in your life