Easy Chocolate Fudge – Keto and Vegan

This tasty no bake 2- or 3-ingredient chocolate fudge recipe is very easy to make when using my Sugar Free Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk – Dairy Free | Vegan Keto recipe. This keto chocolate fudge is healthier, is dairy free and sugar free with a great creamy texture that your entire family will love. The how to make fudge video demonstrates 3 alternative chocolate ingredients to make the fudge. You can use pure bakers chocolate, Lily’s Premium Baking Chocolate chips, or Lindt 90% cacao chocolate to make a luxuriously creamy dark chocolate fudge.

Chocolate Fondue

A tasty chocolate fondue recipe which is extremely quick and easy to make. This decadent recipe has a macro ratio of 7:1 and is definitely keto, sugar free and gluten free because it uses whole natural ingredients such as 100% cocoa, butter, coconut oil, cream, and monk fruit based sweetener. This fondue is like a liquid fat bomb which can be enjoyed with fresh berries or my Naked Vanilla Sponge Cake. Any extra chocolate fondue can be frozen and reused.

Keto Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark

This easy and fast to make keto chocolate truffle fat bomb base made with real cocoa, butter and coconut oil incorporates lightly roasted raw pumpkin seeds, to make a tasty chocolate pumpkin seed bark that is sugar free, gluten free and completely addictive. A delicious keto dessert for your Thanksgiving dinner, or at Christmas, or just at any time…why limit it to just special occasions!

Chocolate Truffles

Creamy sugar-free chocolate truffles with an extremely good macro ratio suitable for low carb, high fat diets. These chocolate truffles are delicious – it seems wrong to call them fat bombs!

Chocolate Swiss Roll with Swiss Buttercream Meringue

A chocolate, grain-free sponge cake base filled with a sugar-free Swiss buttercream meringue and fresh berry jam.

Chocolate Peanut or Almond Butter Cups

This keto version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups make a great treat with coffee or as an after-meal dessert which also helps to boost your total fat (Keto) ratio for the meal. They are great just on their own as a quick enjoyable energy snack. These sugar free keto chocolate peanut butter or almond butter cups will be a perfect substitute for chocolate bar cravings.

Keto Three-Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake

Celebrate the birth of ketomealsandrecipes.com with a decadent, but keto-friendly cake!

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