What are the most popular pizza toppings?

According to a January 25, 2016 Harris poll, pizza is the top choice comfort food for most Americans (US).

A second Harris study (23 Feb, 2016) reported that “Pepperoni Tops Americans’ List of Favorite Pizza Toppings Among pizza eaters.”

The second most favorite topping is sausage, and mushrooms are in third place. The combination of either pepperoni or sausage with mushroom and mozzarella is called the Americana – not surprising since it has the top three most popular ingredients.

As for crust preference, the most popular is the thin crust version, with other variations also having a strong showing:

  • 29% prefer thin crust
  • adults turn to regular crust (18%), deep dish (15%), and stuffed crust (14%)
  • Fewer than one in ten prefers thick crust (9%), French bread (4%), or Sicilian crust (3%)

Now this is impressive!…

From http://www.pmq.com/December-2016/Pizza-Power-2017-A-State-of-the-Industry-Report/

For those of us following a keto lifestyle, or who choose or need to be gluten free, I hope my recipe becomes one of your comfort “go to” foods.

To help you choose toppings here are the top 15 toppings in 2016 and the macro charts. The data is from the USDA web site.

NOTE: It is difficult to determine how much of any ingredient is placed on a pizza, as some people prefer more (or less) of certain toppings, these macros charts are all based on 100 g. For some, such as jalapeno pepper, of course you would not use that much, but a standard weight helps us to compare the fat/protein/carbohydrate, total and net per ingredient. You must decide how much you are using and take that into consideration and how it will affect the overall macronutrient ratio for the pizza as a whole when making your favorite version.

Pizza toppings macro charts


  1. Pepperoni
  2. Sausage
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Cheese
  5. Onions
  6. Olives
  7. Bacon
  8. Ham
  9. Canadian Bacon
  10. Pineapple
  11. Green Pepper
  12. Red Pepper
  13. Tomato
  14. Hamburger Meat
  15. JalapenoFor a bit more interesting information, this is the UK rating for their favorite toppings, from https://yougov.co.uk/news/2017/03/06/does-pineapple-belong-pizza/:

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