Cà phê trứng – Vietnamese Egg Coffee

My easy to make keto Vietnamese Egg Coffee – cà phê trứng, is sugar free and a perfectly balanced blend of flavorful strong brewed coffee, with a light, fluffy, velvety sweetened egg cream on top. The best way to describe this keto dessert-quality sugar free Vietnamese Egg Coffee is, if you can imagine a coffee version of a liquid tiramisu. If you loved the keto Dalgona coffee, or my Irish Coffee, you will love this low carb, sugar free coffee recipe that is perfect for diabetic diet needs, Banting diets or for anyone who wants to reduce the use of refined sugar. I use a Monk fruit and Erythritol based sweetener because it does not have an after taste and is practically zero carb. Or, you could also use an Allulose or other acceptable rare sugar sweetener.

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