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When discussing what makes a great beef stew, the consensus is your beef chunks have to be moist and soft, not stringy, and the gravy has to be clear, flavorful and a rich brown. To achieve these goals there has to be a balance between the meat and the vegetables, all of which are suspended […]

According to a January 25, 2016 Harris poll, pizza is the top choice comfort food for most Americans (US). A second Harris study (23 Feb, 2016) reported that “Pepperoni Tops Americans’ List of Favorite Pizza Toppings Among pizza eaters.” The second most favorite topping is sausage, and mushrooms are in third place. The combination of […]

Jicama may not yet be a commonly used vegetable in your family, but getting to know this low carbohydrate and versatile root vegetable will expand the meal choices you can prepare. As I will explain, jicama has a long and interesting history. It is easy to work with and adapts well as a substitute for […]

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