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A chocolate, grain-free sponge cake base filled with a sugar-free Swiss buttercream meringue and fresh berry jam.

Green beans seasoned with parmesan and herbs makes a flavorful and nutrient-dense side dish for any main course.

Rolled thin sliced flank steaks seasoned and marinated to perfection and stuffed with portobello mushrooms. Looks hard to make, but is not.

This is a very easy meal to prepare and make. The chicken breasts are marinated with traditional fresh Greek ingredients. The garlic aioli increases the fat portion of the macronutrient ratio for keto diets. Aioli can be substituted with keto tzatziki. Complete the meal with grain free pitas or a side salad.

Pork Gyro

Pork gyro is one of two most popular Greek street foods. The tenderloin is seasoned with traditional herbs and marinated to perfection. The preparation is easy with few steps. Served in my grain free pita and my Keto version of Tzatziki. This meal is one of the most satisfying, feel-good experiences on a keto and gluten-free diet.

Tzatziki is a cool creamy Greek sauce usually served with grilled meats such as Pork Gyro or Chicken (or other meat) Souvlaki. Tzatziki is also an excellent dip for raw vegetable platters. Both versions are flavorful and nutritious, but the keto variation has a higher fat macronutrient ratio.

The dough for this grain-free pita is very easy to make. The taste and texture is the closest to the original flour pitas we used to have. These pitas are a nutritious keto and gluten free alternative.

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